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August the 10-15th 2014. International Heat Transfer Conference Kyoto, Japan


  The Role of Thermal Science in Meeting Societal Challenges
  Heat transfer, a major academic discipline originating from seminal studies of thermal non-equilibrium phenomena, has grown to include the science of transport phenomena for ions, electrons, and chemical species. Thus it deals with essential fundamentals such as energy, materials, food and water, and also with a range of technologies that support modern lifestyles. Heat transfer is now a vitally important field, as scientists and engineers face difficult challenges: development of cutting-edge technologies for highly efficient energy systems, massive information/communication equipment, high-value-added manufacturing, and comfortable living environments, to name just a few. Due to its enormous scope and impact, heat transfer is often called “thermal science.”
  The International Heat Transfer Conference (IHTC), nicknamed the “Heat Transfer Olympic,” is the world’s premier conference for scientists and engineers in the heat and mass transfer research community, who convene every four year to exchange the latest information. Previous conferences have greatly enhanced mutual exchanges of knowledge and experience, and nurtured new and/or interdisciplinary research areas. Future conferences should realize an increasingly important mission: to foster international cooperation and facilitate the exchange of ideas among colleagues in order to solve urgent problems and improve peoples’ lives in the years ahead.
  To pursue these aims, we invite forward-looking scientists, engineers, and researchers from all over the world to attend the Fifteenth International Heat Transfer Conference (IHTC-15) in Kyoto, Japan, August 10 to 15, 2014. In addition to exploring traditional research areas, IHTC-15 asks an important question so that we may better serve society: “What is the role of thermal science in meeting societal challenges?” Clearly, we face major issues such as ensuring sustainable development, healthy ageing, sufficient food for all, and economic growth, and we need to develop scientific and technological solutions. To do this, we should shape our current and future roles more concretely, and start to formulate an interdisciplinary framework for collaboration among colleagues active across a wider range of physical, life, and information sciences.
  IHTC-15 will provide participants with unique opportunities for exchanging new knowledge, and facilitate intensive discussions throughout the conference period. We hope that IHTC-15 becomes a model for future IHTCs, and magnifies the scope of contributions made by the international community of thermal science professionals for the benefit and welfare of people everywhere.

(See also "Plenary lecture" and "Panel sessions".)

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  Plenary/Fourier Lectures and Panel Information The slides and handouts of the plenary/Fourier lecture and panel sessions are available for download.
Plenary lecture "Science of Scientific Advice"
Hiroyuki Yoshikawa

Webpage of plenary lecture
Handouts (PDF)

Fourier lecture "Thermal Science and Engineering - From Macro to Nano in 200 Years"
Avram Bar-Cohen

Webpage of plenary lecture
Handouts (PDF)

Plenary panel "The Role of Thermal Science in Meeting Societal Challenges"
Moderator: Prof. Nobuhide Kasagi JST, The University of Tokyo

Webpage of plenary panel session
Record of plenary panel session

Panel "The Role of Thermal Science for Nuclear Disaster Resilience"
Moderator: Prof. Tomoaki Kunugi Kyoto University

Webpage of panel session
– Slides and Handouts (PDF)
   Slides of Prof. Tomoaki Kunugi
   Slides of Prof. Jun Sugimoto
   Slides of Prof. Masaharu Kitamura
   Slides of Prof. Michael Corradini
   Slides of Prof. Yassin Hassan

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  Report on Plenary Panel
CHECK the NEW website which presents the main topics discussed as well as important information that Panelists and Attendees provided during the session!

The plenary panel session is edited and is shown in the website which presents the main topics discussed as well as important infromation that Panelists and Attendees provided during the session. Please explore the links to panelists’ slides and presentations, important messages, and the vigorous discussions from the floor. A video of the entire panel session is also available. We have arranged postscripts for a short introduction to the panel session, and a diagram showing the relationships among the panelists’ messages and floor discussions so you can get a quick overview. – Report on Plenary Panel
Please find the letter from the Executive Committee chair to Participants and Colleagues.
- Letter about Plenary Panel of IHTC-15

Visualization of Relationships among Panelists' Messages
Clicking the comments in the pdf file takes you to each page.

More Information on IHTC-15

  Summary of IHTC-15 Please find the slides of the Closing which summarizes IHTC-15 at – "Summary of IHTC-15"
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  Letter to Participants Thank you for attending IHTC-15. We appreciate if you can take a moment to read the letter to the participants. – "Letter to Participants"
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  IHTC Digital Library
In 2012, AIHTC Executive Delegates agreed to archive all proceedings dating back to 1951, thus, establishing an IHTC Digital Library to preserve information online that would make it easily accessible for future research and education, and to the heat transfer community.
The IHTC Digital Library has a broad topical coverage that includes fundamentals of thermal transport phenomena, traditional heat transfer applications, insightful exploration of renewable and sustainable energy conversion systems, and alongside is the emerging domains of heat transfer in bio-systems, information systems, MEMS, and nano-materials, that speaks loudly and clearly to the centrality of thermal science and engineering in the pursuit of a better life for all people everywhere.
IHTC Digital Library

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  Articles and Reports (only in Japanese as of Dec. 25, 2014) The reports of IHTC-15 have been published in the Journal of the Heat Transfer Society of Japan.
Journal of Heat Transfer Vol. 53, No. 225 (in Japanese)

The record of personal experiences written by Prof. Shohji Tsushima has been published in the Journal of the Japan Society of Energy Resource.
Journal of Energy and Resources Vol. 35, No. 6 (in Japanese)

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  Conference Photographs A selection of photographs taken at IHTC-15 has now been uploaded. Please enjoy the photographs from the IHTC-15. The photos are from the reception, plenary lectures, keynote lectures, panel sessions, banquet, opening & closing, JENECON, public seminar, and the young researchers meeting.

<photograph 1>     <photograph 2>

Photos from IHTC-15.

Photos from JENECON and public seminar.

Photos from young researchers meeting (YRM-Kyoto).

Photos from Pre-banquet event "Ikebana Experience".

Closing and farewell.

Full version of the photo Album
  (ID and Password are required to view the Full version album. These were sent to the participants by e-mail. In case of missing the e-mail, please feel free to contact

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  Conference Program Booklet The conference program booklet which will be handout at the conference site is now available for download. The booklet includes the general information, Technical Program, information on Japan & Kyoto, Miscellaneous Topics, etc. It is full of interesting and convenient information. – Conference Program Booklet

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  Booklet of Award Banquet Please find the booklet of award banquet at – Award Banquet Booklet
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  Mobile app EventMobile for IHTC-15 We are pleased to announce that the EventMobile for IHTC-15 is now available for download.
EventMobile is a mobile app for conferences that helps participants browse the conference schedule, check information about speakers, view floor maps, check exhibits, create customized schedules, received alerts from the conference office, and also connect with other participants.

Downloading the App
Enter <> in your mobile device's web browser. This link will automatically detect your phone type and access the appropriate page where you can download the app. Or search the Apple App store and Google play market using the keyword "IHTC-15". Further information, please visit the following site <>.

Only IHTC-15 participants can log-in to EventMobile. Your ID and password will be sent to you by email from TripBuilder Media .

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  Historical Data toward IHTC-16 and IHTC-17
Atlantic City1994Brighton
1970Paris Versailles2010Washington
1982München2022Cape Town
1986San Francisco

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  Memorial Slides between IHTC-14 and IHTC-15 Please find the memorial slides of those who passed away between IHTC-14 and IHTC-15 at – Memorial Slides
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Invitation to IHTC-15

  WHO should attend
We invite forward-looking scientists, engineers, and researchers from all over the world to attend the Fifteenth International Heat Transfer Conference (IHTC-15). IHTC-15 will provide every participant with a unique opportunity to exchange state-of-the-art knowledge and enjoy extensive discussions throughout the conference period. We hope that IHTC-15 will magnify the scope of contributions made by the international community of thermal science and engineering professionals for the benefit and welfare of societies around the world.

The Conference is designed for
  • Heat exchangers
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration
  • Fuel cells
  • Thermal electric conversion
  • Heat pipe
  • Gas turbines
  • Nuclear, solar, geothermal and renewable energies.
  • Chemical reactors
  • Batteries
  • Energy conversion and storage

  • Two-phase/multi-phase flow
  • Thermophysics and thermophysical properties
  • Nano/micro heat transfer
  • Biological and medical thermal engineering
  • Combustion
  • Chemical reactions
  • Turbulence
  • Radiation

  •   The 4 reasons why you should attend IHTC-15
    1. You will join more than 1000 professionals focused on Thermal Science and Engineering
      More than 1,300 abstracts have been submitted to the IHTC-15. Approximately 800 accepted papers passing the rigorous manuscript reviewing will have the highest quality that is equivalent to well-established international journals. All contributed papers will be presented in ORAL SESSIONS which are categorized by the international science committee. Attending these sessions and joining the participants, you will be able to go in-depth, on the topics that best interests you.

    2. "30" KEYNOTE lectures presenting the latest accomplishments
      30 keynote lectures will be presented at the IHTC-15 by the greatest scientists and engineers nominated from all over the world. These keynotes cover wide area and leading edge science and technologies in the fields of thermal science and engineering. (Program -> "Keynote lectures")

    Keynotes breakdown

    3. SPECIAL lectures and panel sessions
      You will be able to learn the role of the thermal science and engineering of the present period and where this field is heading for by attending the two plenary lectures and one plenary panel session. Two other panel sessions will be held where you can also join the discussion on the topics of great importance related to the present society and thermal engineering. (Program -> "Plenary lectures")(Program -> "Panel sessions")

    4. LUNCH, banquet and refreshments are ALL included
      As an attendee, you will enjoy the lunch, banquet and refreshments served at the conference site. ("Registration")

    And don't miss visiting the charming city of Kyoto (Travel Information)

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    Information on Japan and Kyoto

      Overview Familiar images of Japan come to life in Kyoto. The city limits contain opportunities to experience leading modern technology and architecture, neon lights and deafening gaming parlours, graceful geisha and serene Buddha, a formidable castle and secluded temples, and even lush green rice paddies. Seventeen UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites are situated in a cityscape dominated by 2000 temples and shrines. The city offers you endless opportunities to gain meaningful hands-on experience of rich Kyoto culture through Tea Ceremony, sake brewing, kimono wearing, swordsmanship, and more. Japan is renowned for its safety and the compactness of Kyoto makes for wonderful strolling. There is a great deal to see and experience in this city during free time in the business schedule and for accompanying persons who want to venture off site. (See "Travel information" > "About Kyoto").

    Reaching other cities in Japan
    Kyoto is located near the centre of Japan and the legendary transport network makes it easily accessible not only from all international gateways, but also to other magnificent cities of Japan. From Kyoto you can reach Nara, Osaka and Kobe the neighboring and historical cities of Kansai region by only 1 hour using the local train transportation. From Kyoto station the comfortable and state of the art Shinkansen bullet train will carry you through the country to either the north or south end of Japan. The train arrives every 10min with the miracle minimum delay, average 36sec for 0.12million trains per year (See "Travel information").
    JR railways provides the Japan Rail Pass which offers an incredibly economical way to travel throughout Japan by rail. (See JR Pass).

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      Kyoto Travel Tips Find USEFUL information for visiting Kyoto at – Kyoto Travel Tips
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      Gozan-no-okuribi (Daimonji okuribi) Gozan-no-okuribi, meaning "the fires sending back our ancestors lit on the five mountains", is one of the most traditional and impressive events in Kyoto. Giant Chinese letters and symbols are enlightened silently in the complete darkness of the night of midsummer. The fires are lit in sequence from east to west on the five mountains surrounding Kyoto starting from the Daimonnji mountain with red fires shaping the Chinese character of Dai meaning of "Large" followed by the other four "Myo-Hou", "Funagata", "Hidari-Daimonji" and "Torii". This event origins from ancient religious activity to fire the torches to send back the ancestors temporarily staying for a few days with the people in the present world during the O-bon festival in August to the world beyond. With this event taking place in middle of August, people appreciate the summer they enjoyed and feels the breeze of the coming Autumn they have expected. The event has been close to the heart of Kyoto people, and hundreds of thousands tourists gather to Kyoto in the evening of August 16 to share this feeling.
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